Making videos intelligent

Our AI Video Cloud understand videos like no one else, so you get more done with your videos, and deliver an engaging and enjoyable experience for your viewers. AI Video Cloud seamlessly integrates with your existing video infrastructure, so that while you stream videos, we stream intelligence with your videos.

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A cloud infrastructure that builds and streams intelligence with your videos.

Enhance video viewing experience

Boost engagement

Increase retention

Designed for Video platforms

Our AI Video Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with any kind of video platforms or video infrastructures to make your videos intelligent.

Fuel your videos with AI Video Cloud

Search Inside

Viewers can search inside the videos for the content they want to watch


Viewers can create mashups of their favorite content and share it with their friends

Intelligent Summary

Generates intelligent summary of your videos


Gives information on the content of the videos

Proactive AI

Based on the consumption pattern of your viewers, enables proactive interactivity

It’s time for your videos to be intelligent

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